Endless Surrender Amber Kaye

ISBN: 9780821739181

Published: September 1st 1992


352 pages


Endless Surrender  by  Amber Kaye

Endless Surrender by Amber Kaye
September 1st 1992 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, ZIP | 352 pages | ISBN: 9780821739181 | 10.41 Mb

SHE CRAVED HIS KISSESParis was a dangerous place for a British lady in the winter of 1815. So when a wounded stranger begged for help at her door- Genna hesitated before letting him in. Though the handsome Britisher would not reveal his secret mission nor the identity of his attackers, Genna sensed that he was not her enemy. Despite her wariness, she felt a jolt of passion at his touch and knew she must find a way to follow him wherever he might go.

Across war-torn Europe and over the seas to the lush Creole world of New Orleans, Genna would keep her love alive... until she could finally lie in Jasons arms, savor his deep caresses, and surrender to endless ecstasy in the embrace of her truly beloved.HE INFLAMED HER PASSIONSThe first thing British spy Jason McClenna felt upon awakening was pain from his wounds, but a second emotion soon overtook him: a fiery-haired beauty was bending over his bed...

and he wanted her! Jason knew there was no room in his life for dalliance- he must recover his strength and carry his secret information to Wellington. But though the fate of the nation might lie in his hands, Jason knew he could not abandon the lovely Genna. Hed seal their dream of passion with a kiss, them find a way to keep her at his side until the world was safe again for love.

Then hed caress every curve of her satiny body, run his hands through her luxuriant russet curls, and hold her in his arms for a lifetime of fiery-passion.

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