Revelation 2016 (Apocalypse 2015 Book 3) Mark Kalita



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Revelation 2016 (Apocalypse 2015 Book 3)  by  Mark Kalita

Revelation 2016 (Apocalypse 2015 Book 3) by Mark Kalita
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Within the eschatology of the three world religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, there is found a common thread concerning an individual judgment day and the final destiny of humankind. Many throughout the ages have tried to determine when these end times would be as well as what the events would be. From the prophets and prophecies within the Judaic scriptures found in the Tanakh, we find a remarkable vision of a golden age where humanity will finally live together as they unlock the Tree of Life that is found within ALL.

The Spirit of God, the Light within and the process of becoming closer to God are all revealed within this ground breaking book, Revelation 2016.The book Revelation 2016 takes a close look at the book of Revelation and shows that it is about the kingdom of God within you in as much as people have believed that it is about the kingdom of God outside you.

The course of the Spirit, the seven churches, the beasts and all of the tribulations, the two witnesses and more are shown to be tools that you can utilize to become one of the children of Light as the second witness attempts to open the Tree of Life in 2016.Along with the ground breaking news that 2014 is the beginning of the end times, Revelation 2016 is the release of the knowledge of rememberance by the archangel Michael and his emissaries of Light. These angelic beings have been instrumental in guiding humanity to the Light of God since the beginning of our recorded history.

Revelation 2016 reveals the knowledge that our human family will need to walk into the Light, led by Michael and the archangels. When the gathering takes place, the people of the earth will have the opportunity to unlock the Tree of Life using this knowledge.Instead of relying on fear and the misconceptions of error, Revelation 2016 is brought into the Light, dispelling the darkness of the world.

Revelation 2016 is a must read if you expect to be successful when the Light of the world is upon us. Why be as the unbelievers of the world who will mock the testimony? Dont be one of the multitude who rejoice and make merry because the witness is dead. Understand the truth of the end times and the plan God has for humanity.Follow the Light and you will be successful!

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