The Sex Gates - Second Edition Darrell Bain



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The Sex Gates - Second Edition  by  Darrell Bain

The Sex Gates - Second Edition by Darrell Bain
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Change your sex- change your life! One day thousand of gates suddenly and mysteriously appear on Earth. No one knows where they are from. Some think it is the start of an alien invasion. Others credit God. When the old and the sick go through these gates, they become young again and their illnesses disappear. But there are several problems! Not everyone makes it through the first time. Some people simply disappear.

When you go through a gate, your sex changes -- men become women and women become men. And no one can go back through the gate a second time. Everyone who tries disappears. When Don accidentally falls through a gate and becomes Donna, he and his friends face a life-changing adventure, for The Sex Gates are more than they seem to be.[Thank you Reviewer for your comments about the Ads.

It is not the indention of DDP to have these irritating ads occur after each chapter. But please remember that this book was converted almost 7 years ago and this is the first time it has come to our attention. When it did, we corrected the glitch immediately. We urge you to download the new version.]

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