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One of you lied to this committee and to America. To put it bluntly, the accumulating evidence suggests that the liar is you. All the bullying in the world will not convince us otherwise. If you added a 4th type of cone to our vision, it wouldn slot itself into an existing gradient, it would be its own, distinct colour and create 3 new spectrums between itself and the existing primary colours.You can see this effect in reverse when people are red green colour blind, where they haven lost the ability to see those wavelengths, they don have the ability to distinguish them because they don have different cones for red and green. If colour was as single spectrum, then it should be a matter of training their ability to make finer distinctions along the spectrum, but they canEven if we consider UV, we have zero idea on how our regular blue is perceived because our own blue is tainted with that 4th colour we won ever be able to see.The image is just extrapolating colours further away from the centre of the spectrum. Yea, that intuitive considering UV is in the outer edge of the spectrum, but we have no idea of what UV would look like if it be visible..

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